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Michel Botman was born in Belgium, where visual arts have always flirted with the limits of reality. In the eighties, Michel Botman started exploring the first tools to manipulate images though computers. For about 15 years, Michel Botman worked throughout Europe in the emerging field of Computer Applications for the Graphic Arts. Extensive experience in Digital Imaging allowed Michel to move into the field of computerized systems for Diagnostic Imaging. As VP Sales & Marketing for eSys Medical and later with Eclipsys, Michel Botman always remained dedicated to the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of his career. At the present time, Michel Botman is refocusing his life towards graphic arts. “I studied photography in Europe, but never had time to practice it enough. Life took me on other paths towards computer technologies and running a business. I enjoyed it very much, but I also love art. I always keep my eyes open for exciting opportunities and people that touch my heart.” Michel Botman currently lives between Toronto, Canada and Bangkok, Thailand. Above Gravatar pictures are of Michel Botman and his son Noah Botman.

Historical Accuracy – Please!

On November 30, 2012, the day the Palestinian Authority obtained non-member observer state status at the United Nations, I received an email from, Avaaz, a civic organization of which I have been a member for a number of years. (Email … Continue reading

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Not all equal

All deaths are not equal.  There is tragedy, there is sadness… and there is nausea.

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On time, beauty and the permanence of photographic images For weeks, I resisted watching the unbearably sad video recorded by Amanda Todd.  I knew her dramatic entanglement in a web she could no longer control.  I dreaded the uneasy feeling … Continue reading

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Unveiling and Uprising

Dana Bakdounis; breaking free from the confines of the chrysalis.  Giving a voice and a face to the uprising of women in the Arab world:

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Hair that should not be brushed away

Last Friday, I sent a letter to the Toronto Start in response to the following article on a recent Ontario Human Rights lawsuit:

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Not just a number

Every afternoon, I drive to CHAT, the Hebrew Academy where my son Noah goes to school.  It has been part of my hectic schedule for the last few years, and, despite the laborious routine, something I always look forward to … Continue reading

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Where’s Walda?

I recently had an interesting conversation with a Muslim woman who vehemently defended the right of women to wear the burqa or niqab freely and without any restriction. This is a highly debated topic in many modern societies, particularly in … Continue reading

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RAP Poetry and Military Intelligence

Yesterday, I wrote a satirical, letter to Laura Di Battista of CBC radio regarding a piece of RAP Poetry aired on CBC radio on October 18, 2012.  My observations are of course “tongue in cheek” commentaries and should be taken … Continue reading

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The lives of Brian

Three weeks ago, I wrote a reflection on Rimsha, the unfortunate young girl arrested recently in Pakistan under the infamous blasphemy law.  In that last entry, I tried to articulate the reasons behind the absolute necessity of unrestricted freedom of … Continue reading

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Kids on the Street

Last Sunday, like every year, Toronto celebrated the encompassing nature of literary imagination during its “ Word on the Street” event. As every year, Lindy woke up early to join her colleagues and volunteer teachers at the OTF booth.  This … Continue reading

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Rimsha, the call for freedom

Sadly, every day brings us its lot of tragic news from the Muslim world.

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Queen’s Park rally for democracy and education

After a long summer hiatus, we are back in town and walked with the Ontario teachers at Queen’s Park earlier this week.

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“The tails of two kitties” … The British Shorthair and Scottish Fold story

A few words on our gentle cat, Misty, her partner Johnny, and their lovely five new kittens. (See photo gallery following article by clicking on link below.)

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It has become a bit of a tradition of the Botman-Amato clan: around Noah’s birthday we try to make it to an RMR taping and shake hands with Rick Mercer.

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The dog ate my homework!

We recently acquired a brand new paper shredder …

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