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Not all equal

All deaths are not equal.  There is tragedy, there is sadness… and there is nausea.

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On time, beauty and the permanence of photographic images For weeks, I resisted watching the unbearably sad video recorded by Amanda Todd.  I knew her dramatic entanglement in a web she could no longer control.  I dreaded the uneasy feeling … Continue reading

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Unveiling and Uprising

Dana Bakdounis; breaking free from the confines of the chrysalis.  Giving a voice and a face to the uprising of women in the Arab world:

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Hair that should not be brushed away

Last Friday, I sent a letter to the Toronto Start in response to the following article on a recent Ontario Human Rights lawsuit:

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Not just a number

Every afternoon, I drive to CHAT, the Hebrew Academy where my son Noah goes to school.  It has been part of my hectic schedule for the last few years, and, despite the laborious routine, something I always look forward to … Continue reading

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