The dog ate my homework!

Noah, rescuing paperwork from Thea's jaws (October 16, 2011)

We recently acquired a brand new paper shredder …

We had been sitting on the dog fence for years.  Dogs are indeed a lot of work – especially puppies – but they also bring endless amounts of love and affection.

We finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and got a lovely and furry golden doodle female pup.

Noah, who, true to his Greek Sephardic roots of Rodos is indisputably a Hellenist at heart, promptly chose to call her “Thea”, the feminine form “Theos” or “goddess” in Greek.

I said: “Noah, that’s a wonderful name”.  “Fantastic idea!”

“Dad, do you know why I chose that name?” he responded, unable to fully dissimulate a mischievous smile.


“Try to say it … and you’ll know why!” … and he then burst out laughing while I tried to pathetically pronounce the very British “Th” of “Thea” … “Tank” you very much!

I have since opted to pronounce her name the ancient Greek way, “Tia,” which is both easier on the tongue and more authoritative.  Not a bad choice when trying to discipline a charming and disarming puppy.

I in fact had the opportunity to exercise my very natural authority on the very first evening she was home with us, when Thea chose to help with reducing my workload – into pieces.  She shredded my paperwork in no time, and would have gulped it all if it were not for Lindy detecting some unusual sheering noises.

This is about the same time as we realized that, contrary to what the breeder had told us, Thea was clearly not a first generation golden doodle, but in fact at pure blood golden destroyer.

We don’t know what she will be when she grows up … but so far her interests seem to lie in interior decorating, Bauhaus chew-crush style, landscaping and excavating.  She clearly has architectural flair.

Did I do something wrong?

About Michel Botman

Michel Botman was born in Belgium, where visual arts have always flirted with the limits of reality. In the eighties, Michel Botman started exploring the first tools to manipulate images though computers. For about 15 years, Michel Botman worked throughout Europe in the emerging field of Computer Applications for the Graphic Arts. Extensive experience in Digital Imaging allowed Michel to move into the field of computerized systems for Diagnostic Imaging. As VP Sales & Marketing for eSys Medical and later with Eclipsys, Michel Botman always remained dedicated to the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of his career. At the present time, Michel Botman is refocusing his life towards graphic arts. “I studied photography in Europe, but never had time to practice it enough. Life took me on other paths towards computer technologies and running a business. I enjoyed it very much, but I also love art. I always keep my eyes open for exciting opportunities and people that touch my heart.” Michel Botman currently lives between Toronto, Canada and Bangkok, Thailand. Above Gravatar pictures are of Michel Botman and his son Noah Botman.
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