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Unveiling and Uprising

Dana Bakdounis; breaking free from the confines of the chrysalis.  Giving a voice and a face to the uprising of women in the Arab world:

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Hair that should not be brushed away

Last Friday, I sent a letter to the Toronto Start in response to the following article on a recent Ontario Human Rights lawsuit:

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Not just a number

Every afternoon, I drive to CHAT, the Hebrew Academy where my son Noah goes to school.  It has been part of my hectic schedule for the last few years, and, despite the laborious routine, something I always look forward to … Continue reading

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Where’s Walda?

I recently had an interesting conversation with a Muslim woman who vehemently defended the right of women to wear the burqa or niqab freely and without any restriction. This is a highly debated topic in many modern societies, particularly in … Continue reading

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The lives of Brian

Three weeks ago, I wrote a reflection on Rimsha, the unfortunate young girl arrested recently in Pakistan under the infamous blasphemy law.  In that last entry, I tried to articulate the reasons behind the absolute necessity of unrestricted freedom of … Continue reading

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Rimsha, the call for freedom

Sadly, every day brings us its lot of tragic news from the Muslim world.

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A sad day for women

How can one still take UN decisions seriously?

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Judgment Day

Between Christmas and New Year, I drove up the coast from Fort Lauderdale to St Augustine. I arrived in St Augustine on New Year’s eve.  The sun was low, the shadows long like the night ahead. I saw a head … Continue reading

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To be or not to be Jewish? The future of Judaism without shades

. . . . . . .Above: The Nuremberg law of genetic “Jewishness” Rabbi Farber : “Sixty per cent of North American Jews would not be able to break the threshold of proving they’re Jews” Reflection on Paul Lungen’s article … Continue reading

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From Paradise to Persecution: Laura’s Story

The story of Laura Codron by Noah Botman, June 2010. There are few places on earth more beautiful than the island of Rhodes. This sacred island of the Greek god Helios is overflowing in ancient sights and bathed in glorious … Continue reading

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Walk with Israel

. . . . . . . Above: Noah; leaving Ontario Place

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Not a yellow polka dot bikini …

. . . . . . .Above: “Stop the oppression of women in the Islamic World” International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) A few months ago I wrote a letter to CBC host Matt Galloway regarding his interview of Farzana … Continue reading

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“I have no face”, a tale of Ambulatory Coercion

. . . . . . Above: Woman in chador overlooking the Bosphorus from the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.  (Michel Botman Photography, June 2009) The contrast between the dark clothing and the luminous landscape inspired a short piece about the Islamic … Continue reading

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Who is a Jew? Should Judaism recognize children of Jewish fathers as halachically Jewish?

. . . . . . . A recent study conducted at Germany’s University of Tubingen of three thousand year old DNA from Tutankhamun’s mummy identifies King Akhenaten as his genetic father and proves that Queen Nefertiti – King Akhenaten’s … Continue reading

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Conversion catastrophe

. .Young Russian Jewish girls near Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv.  (Michel Botman Photography, 2007). Reflections on Paul Lungen’s excellent article regarding Israeli Rabbi Michael Melchior’s warning that “Haredi Jews slamming the door on conversions that don’t comply with their own … Continue reading

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