This is not a Pipe … or a Prophet …

This is not a Pipe, or a prophet

This is not a pipe … or a prophet …

What is the punishment for drawing pipes?


Pipe 1

In a recent article published by “Le Monde,” regarding the horrific murders perpetrated by Islamist assassins in the streets of Paris, at “Charlie Hebdo” and in a Jewish Kosher supermarket, Soren Seelow wrote the following:

“Ils épargnent Sigolène Vinson au motif qu’ils ne « tuent pas les femmes », mais abattent froidement Elsa Cayat, une femme, signe d’une certaine confusion dans cette expédition punitive sous drapeau idéologique.”

Confusion? … Really? … If I may, I would perhaps suggest the following correction:

« Ils épargnent Sigolène Vinson au motif qu’ils ne « tuent pas les femmes », mais abattent froidement Elsa Cayat, une femme, (Juive, tout comme Georges Wolinski) signe certain d’une expédition punitive sous drapeau idéologique. »

Je suis surpris de voir les noms des victimes du magasin casher dans la presse internationale, mais pas dans les articles du «Monde.»

Johan Cohen, Yoav Hattab, Phillipe Barham, François-Michel Saada, sont aussi des citoyens Français et des victimes innocentes.

Je suis également surpris de ne pas lire dans cet article du « Monde » le fait que Amedy Coulibaly ait contacté BMF-TV et déclaré avoir choisi de s’en prendre à l’épicerie “Hyper Cacher” parce qu’il ciblait “des juifs”.

Mr. Selow, ce choix, ainsi que le choix d’assassiner Elsa Cayat, ne sont ni le fruit du hasard ni le fruit de quelconque « confusion ! »

Je suis Johan

Je suis Yoav

Je suis Philippe

Je suis François-Michel

Je suis Georges

Je suis Elsa

Postscriptum added January 11, 2015:

I would like to address the feedback I received regarding my post of yesterday. Beyond the humorous introduction on the sacred nature of pipes and the appropriateness of the death penalty as a punishment for depicting them (illustrated by a Scott Adams drawing that Charlie Hebdo’s fellow cartoonists would have surely appreciated), this post was essentially a visceral reaction to the reporting of events unfolding in Paris. While the International Press was naming the Jewish victims of the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher supermarket attacks, as well as the motives and anti-Semitic statements made by the terrorists, this information appeared to have been left out intentionally by French newspapers. This essentially prompted my irate and article.

Since yesterday, more information on the anti-Semitic motives of Amedi Coulibaly have emerged. No one could understand why he had shot a young policewoman (Clarissa Jean-Philippe) who was simply attending to a minor traffic accident in Montrouge. Coulibaly has since claimed having synchronized and planned his attacks with the Kouachi brothers, the two terrorists who murdered 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo a day earlier.

The murder of Clarissa Jean-Philippe did not make any sense to me. It did not fit within the plan or with the profile of the individuals the jihadists intended to kill (Journalists, cartoonists, Jews, Libertarians). It seemed too random. It looked like Clarissa Jean-Philippe was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What place? … What time? …

Since then, the place has been identified. It appears that Coulibaly’s real intent was to attack the Montrouge Jewish Day School (Ecole Juive de Montrouge) located 50m from where the murder of the policewoman occurred. Coulibaly was heading towards the school to kill Jewish children as he found Clarissa Jean-Philippe obstructing his way. He killed her in cold blood and fled the scene. In a way, and although her death in itself is a terrible tragedy, Clarissa Jean-Philippe was in fact at the right place at the right time. If it were not for her heroic intervention, Coulibaly’s actions would have ended in a bloodbath.

Unable to perpetrate the attack against the Jewish Day School as originally planned, Coulibaly drove a few kilometres farther along the périphérique to a secondary target, a Kosher supermarket located in Vicennes, where he killed four men and took a dozen hostages, before being neutralized by the French police.

Clarissa Jean-Philippe gave her life to protect innocent children. She, and other collateral victims of these heinous crimes, such as Ahmed Merabet and Franck Brinsolaro (both policemen), Mustapha Ourrad (editor) and Frederic Boisseau (maintenance agent), should not be forgotten.

In a world where the forces of obscurantism are waging war against freedom, tolerance and democracy, we all are collateral victims.

Charlie Hebdo Journalists

Charlie Hebdo Journalists

The four victims of the Paris Hyper Cacher attack, from left to right: Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Francois-Michel Saada, Philippe Braham. (photo credit: Courtesy)

The four victims of the Paris Hyper Cacher attack, from left to right: Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Francois-Michel Saada, Philippe Braham. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Clarissa Jean-Philippe

Clarissa Jean-Philippe

Ahmed Merabet

Ahmed Merabet


Franck Brinsolaro

Mustapha Ourrad

Mustapha Ourrad

Federic Boisseau

Federic Boisseau

Elsa Cayat

Elsa Cayat

Michel Renaud

Michel Renaud

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