Berlusconi on Middle Eastern subjects

Ruby (aka Karima El Mahroug) in an undated photograph (thx to our friends at Google Images)

Who knew that Berlusconi was inclined to spend that much time on Middle Eastern subjects?

In a typical –  “let’s appear to be on both sides” – Italian style, Berlusconi was found to be pretty ambiguous with his Middle Eastern policies.  On one hand, he recently showed fervent support for the Israeli cause (Shalom Article) and simultaneously invested himself entirely in deepening his understanding of the Arab nature. (Telegraph Article – 13 ‘sexual acts’ with ‘Ruby the Heart Stealer’ ).

He should certainly be commended for thoroughly investigating the heart of the matter (amongst other body parts).

In a recent joined Arab-Israeli press release, thanking the Cavaliere for his services, both sides were claiming some satisfaction.

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